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Jul 8, 2019

LaForma SA: A Cool Collaboration as Fashion Meets Interior Design with Diane Paris

Design in all its forms is beautiful – but when fashion design and interior design get together it is delightful….

Just like Diane Paris’ style is about a mindset rather than a specific style – individualist, striking and irreverent, LaForma’s signature is individualist, simple yet striking and underlined by high quality,

So of course when the two brands work together to set up a new showroom launch the creativity flows freely. LaForma set the scene and created a powerful and inviting “stage” for this delectable fashion brand. You can check out The Diane Paris showroom in Sandhurst at 55 Stewart Place.

Fashion and interior design will forever remain interlinked; the one often influencing an impacting the other. So it’s easy to have a look at the latest trends and see how this pair are leaving a mark on popular culture today.

Here we share some of the top fashion design trends to inspire interior design right now:

  1. Patterns & Prints that are overstated & large scaled

Big is bold and beautiful and we love seeing this shine through both in fashion runways and glamorous interiors today.

2. Colour blocking by combining contrasting interesting colours

Colour is always a key component when it comes to both fashion and interior design. Bold colour choices offer contrast and a wonderfully fresh approach to both these industries at present.

3. Avant-Garde florals with oversized ruffles & dramatic embellishments

More is more at the moment. Ruffles, embellished details and accessories are all the rage and we see this shining through into magical interiors this season.

4. Layering by pairing different elements & textures together

Fashion inspires the layered look; even in interior design. We love the use of textured elements to create a rich and vibrant interior design; and we can certainly see this trend being influenced by the fashion runways.

5. Monotone metallics combined with dusty pinks & charcoal colour palettes

A winning combination in the closet and in the home!

Find the perfect combination of furniture and accessories at LaForma SA.

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