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Feb 8, 2018

You Ought To Know: How Women Should Properly Dress For The Airport

If you’re an avid traveller, then you’ll know that there are certain things you simply have to avoid when visiting some of the world’s airports. Comfort is also key, but this doesn’t mean you need to crimp on your style. Here we offer you some basic tips for what to wear when travelling!

Wear Something Warm

It can get a little cold in an airport, what with aircons in full blast and a sudden change in temperature as you travel between hemispheres. It can also get a little chilly on a plane. Know that the temperature may vary and change unexpectedly. So, you should bring a comfortable sweater that will keep you warm while on board. Layers are the key here for any change in temperature. Even though your destination may have a warm climate, carrying a modest cardigan sweater or a zip-up sweatshirt is an excellent idea. You can go for some knits that look chic and sleek, or you can opt for dark sweaters to warm you up for the entire travel. Furthermore, if you are travelling during the winter season, you may need to bring a puffy jacket because it will not crease if you need to lay it in the overhead bin. Lastly, to make your travel easier, remove all the layered pieces such as sweatshirt before you proceed through the metal detector.

Steer Clear Of Underwire Bras

There are underwire bras that can get through the airport metal detectors but to err on the side of caution, perhaps it is best to wear something that does not contain underwire while travelling. This may also ensure a more comfortable trip. Choose a sports bras or a simple cushioned bra for added comfort. But if you like underwire bras, rather pack it in your luggage instead of wearing it.

Cosy Bottoms

Wearing comfortable pants is very important. Of course, we all want to feel good at the airport, right? However, it does not mean that you cannot look good. Just like Victoria Beckham said, her runway is the airport. Make it yours as well. Many people come to the airport wearing a tracksuit or sweatpants because they are simply comfortable. If that’s not your style, you can try to wear a pair of leggings. Pair them with long tops, hoodies, or long sweaters. Always remember to choose comfort over style. Additionally, you can wear jeans in the airport as well. It can be a good choice but remember to wear jeans that are not too tight. Be comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

Wear The Right Shoes

You are going to be sorry about not wearing the right shoes for comfort in the airport. Know that there will be a lot of walking and standing when you are at the airport. Avoid wearing heels and save it for your suitcase. Of course, they look great, but you might trip or get minor injuries when you need to walk or worse when you are running late for your flight. The best choice when it comes to shoes for the airport is comfy flats that are easy to pair up with different outfits. You can purchase this kind of footwear in many online stores like Deal Wiki. Furthermore, avoid wearing sandals or boots with too many buckles, lacing, zippers, and many more. They will only cause a delay. Also, avoid wearing tight shoes because your feet will widen over a long haul flight.

The Right Accessories

Avoid wearing a belt which you may have to remove before crossing over through airport security. Not only will this cause you added trouble and pain, but it will be a hassle for you to take it off while everyone is waiting at the back. Just leave it in your trunk or at home to save more time.

Similarly, think twice about wearing extensive jewellery that could become a burden. You may also prefer a lighter make up during flights, as excessive makeup can quickly fade and run during long flights.


You know how it goes in the airport, lots of sitting, standing, walking, dragging your luggage around, and getting your personal belongings in and out of suitcases. Although you are excited about travelling, these things will drain you. To make your life and trip a lot easier, you can follow the above tips to dress comfortably for the airport.

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Lisa Jones is a travel and fashion blogger. She likes to travel to different places to learn new things, especially when it comes to fashion. When not at work, Lisa spends time alone meditating in her house.

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