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Jan 6, 2018

Jota-Kena Launches Bespoke Denim

Denim is a staple in any fashionable wardrobe – from the humble jeans to the ever-popular and timeless qualities of a superior denim jacket. Jota-Kena proudly presents bespoke denim with the owner in mind – timeless and tailored pieces to suit the modern lifestyle.

TIMELESS & TAILORED Jota-Kena is passionate about creating superior quality denim garments that tell a story. Garments that are ethical, comfortable and embody a respect for craftsmanship and tradition. Garments that reflect both personal value and individuality. SLOW FASHION Jota-Kena is all about applying mindfulness to fashion. Their line consists of no-nonsense, hand-tailored garments, understated detailing and ready-to-wear-again planet-friendly fabrics that have been locally manufactured.

Here’s to slow fashion, or as the label’s founders call their ethos: comfortable, conscious, intentional. CREATE YOUR OWN DENIM STORY Jota-Kena commits to a process with you, an adventure, the outcome being a timeless piece that feels YOU, not just because it is something that looks great on you, but rather because it was made by you, for you (with their professional help). Together you can bring back old-school thinking – the sense of personal value, that which you are deserving of. Sentiment is a beautiful thing, especially when it is wrapped up in a denim jacket you love – your denim story! “To visit our studio is to experience some of the in-house production process.

You’ll get to meet our in-house seamstresses and see the machines they work on, our rails filled with patterns, the cutting table, mood-board and core team at work. In other words, you will meet the Jota-Kena family,” says Tanith. “If you’re lucky you might even catch a glimpse of something new we’re working on for the coming season, or find a special once-off garment that is not available online.” Contact: Jota-Kena

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