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Jan 26, 2018

Fashion Tips That Actually Works: How to Look Taller

Lack of height can seriously feel like a fashion hindrance or hurdle, especially for girls. But it should not feel this way. There are a lot of style ideas that will make you look taller and high in stature in no time. You may be short in height, but do not let your sense of style get too short as well.

You can easily change how tall you look by knowing what type of clothes you need to wear. Do not go into wearing the inappropriate trends because you will end up looking petite. Before science arises with different it means for petite girls to increase their height for some inches, there are brilliant fashion tricks and tips to fake it. For a little help, listed below are some fashion tips to look taller in no time.

For petite girls, wearing clothes in the same color can help them create a long silhouette, generating the illusion of being tall. Know that wearing a lot of different colors can split up your silhouette, developing a chunky appearance. Utilizing color to improve the illusion of height is a very convincing and effective strategy because it helps form a vertical line. Wearing black from head to toe is the easiest option to look taller. However, saturated colors work well too. Make sure to keep each outline tailored and crisp.

Low-cut Vamp Heels

A vamp is the part of a shoe that forms across your foot at the front. Thus,  a low-cut vamp is the base of your toes. To successfully create the illusion of elongated legs, try to go for a pair that blends with your skin tone. Choosing heels with a low cut vamp lengthens your leg line. It is a trick that you can use when you shop for shoes. These shoes will instantly lengthen your leg and make them look thinner too, especially if you are wearing shorts, dresses, and skirts.

Maxi Skirts

They say that petite girls cannot pull off long dresses and skirts, but fortunately, that has been proven completely false. A perfectly cut maxi skirt can provide you the impression of looking taller. Go for maxi skirts that brush the entire length of your body. It will surely generate an elongated vertical line. Do not go for maxi skirts with a lot of layers or with thick pleats. Make sure that the top is fit not to overpower the fabric. Furthermore, keep in mind that the hemline of the skirt should be long enough not to make your trip.

High-waist Bottoms

High-waist bottoms often get a misconception. However, when you wear it properly, you can instantly create an illusion and trick one’s eye to think that you are taller. This piece of clothing elongates the lower part of your body. Either you go for high-waist shorts, skinny jeans, or skirts, ensure that you tuck it in a crisp blouse, or opt for a cropped top.

Short Hair, Don’t Care

Long hair pulls short girls down, on the other hand, shorter hair carries out the opposite. The best option is to have a wavy and long bob. It highlights your neckline and shoulders that makes you seem taller and chic.


Be Wary Of The Proportion

If you lack in height, it is necessary to be sure that each of your clothes suits and fit you correctly. The key to having well-fitted clothes is a good tailor. For instance, if you opt for a cropped skinny jeans, make sure that they are not too short, and the hem just hits the joint between leg and foot.   Petite girls should stay away from clothing that resembles a capri pants because they fit your leg ungracefully. Also, when it comes to jackets and blazers, always keep in mind that the hem should perfectly hit the bony parts of your shoulders, and the sleeves should sit perfectly at your wrist.

Get Rid Of Huge Shoulder Bags

You need to wear accessories that will match the size of your body. Ditching the huge shoulder bag is a brilliant move for girls who lack in height. It is because you lead one’s eye to look at the width, it also reduces the height it perceives. As such, smaller clutches, totes, and cross-body bags are best for petite girls.   You can purchase smaller bags or clutches in many online stores like FCUK. Buy the one that will surely last for a long time because they are worthy investments.


Short in height? Do not worry because there are a lot of fashion ideas that will make you look and feel taller. But make sure that you only wear what is right and appropriate for you. Get some inspiration from all the celebrities that are not tall but looks tall because they know what to wear and how to accessorize themselves. Want to look tall? Then follow the list above. Lisa Jones is a travel and fashion blogger. She likes to travel to different places to learn new things, especially when it comes to fashion. When not at work, Lisa spends time alone meditating in her house.

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