Fashion Alert: Via La Moda & The Beauty of Leather Bags

The right bag is a statement piece. More than an accessory, the iconic leather handbag is a timeless accompaniment to any outfit. It’s a fashion staple and that’s why we’re swooning over the magnificent offerings now available from Via La Moda.

Respect for leather lies at the heart of the products proudly produced at Via La Moda. One of the tenets of the brand is the concept LEBEN EINHAUCHEN, “the breathing of life”. This is reinforced by the belief that “every hide deserves respect” and is evidenced in the responsible sourcing of exotic skins.

Let’s take a closer look at the materials used…

Ostrich Leather is uniquely soft, pliable and improves the more you handle your accessory. It is recognised by a unique pattern enhanced by the feather quills. Highest level organic tanning methods are applied to further enhance the natural attributes of ostrich leather.

Nile Crocodile skin is one of the most luxurious of the exotic leathers offered by Via La Moda and owes it’s rarity to the revered reptiles from which it is drawn. Crocodile accessories are the most sought after in international fashion collections.

Via La Moda is fully supportive and complies with the initiatives of CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

Via La Moda also makes use of Burmese as well as Reticulated Python skins. Pythons have an unusual patterned skin and are tremendously durable lending themselves to a diverse range of applications.

“Via La Moda’s combination of creative talent, eurocentric disciplines and authentic craftsmanship has resulted in a niche brand with strong product focus.”

For more visit Via La Moda.


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