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Jul 10, 2017

Fall Fashion Trends Continue to Influence Home Design and Decor

Fashion, design and home décor are all intrinsically interlinked. The Pantone Colour Institute’s Fall 17 colour report sets the stage for the newest trends and colours in the world of fashion design and product creation around the world. These influence one another through a cyclical creative synergy, joining together in beautiful fusion for the seasons ahead.

High-end fashion and the Pantone colour trends also play a big role in the creative process of furniture designers, such as European furniture leaders, Boca do Lobo.  The upcoming season’s inspirations of the brand are proof, presenting the versatility of the brand. For this reason, inspired by the Pantone colours and by the luxury brand’s creations presented on catwalks around the world, Boca do Lobo developed three moody fall mood boards: Spatial Grey, Exotic Lust and Red Fever – a combination of sensual exoticism and new technologies.

Here is a closer look at how the Pantone Colours are influencing home design and decor with Fall Fashion Trends of 2017:

Spatial Grey: The Spatial Grey trend shines bright with sterling silver and grey metallic finishes that dare to bring futurism closer than ever. The inspiration comes from the Pantone Fall Colour Trends – the neutral grey and also the navy peony. Always with a foot on the past, and another on the future, reinterpreting the cultural icons through new technologies and contemporary design, Boca do Lobo fits the space age trend with an artful range of sleek silver pieces.

Casted aluminium, stainless steel and nickel plated brass are the main metals used to create an inter-galactic silver theme. Casted and hand-polished, shiny or matte varnished – the possibilities to create the beloved silver look are endless. Futuristic pieces such as Boca do Lobo’s Monochrome feature unique shapes. This one is made from fibreglass and has a silver lacquer gradient finish with high gloss varnish coat. Get the look with grey and silver finishes in your home!

Exotic Lust Inspired by Pantone colours such as Golden Olive and Lemon-Curry, Exotic Lust showcases a rich vibrancy of tones and is an evident celebration of a luxurious metamorphosis. Some of the feature pieces from Boca Do Lobo include the Diamond, a faceted sideboard with an interior finished in gold leaf.

The Convex Metamorphosis Mirror is another unique piece made from brass. Its concave shape is achieved through the manual hammering of a brass sheet. Its exterior ring is kept simple, treated with varnish coats, and polished to achieve reflection.

Red Fever The world of fashion was overwhelmed by an epidemic fever of red – thanks to Pantone Colour Trend – Flame Scarlet. The colour is not just sexy and charming, but it is also provocative, strong and independent. For this reason, fashion creators and interior designers are not afraid of using red in red.

Boca do Lobo couldn’t be more inspired by this colour, that has a lot to do with its ideology of treating and provoking reactions through the strong design. Velvety red allied to the most contemporary designs will result in a dramatic explosion of style. From dining tables to chairs and floor lamps, red makes a bold and contemporary statement.

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