Beach buddies

Grab your book, magazine, sunscreen, hat and best friend and head to the beach today. If you’re by the coast, it’s time to rehydrate, refresh and enjoy the coming of a new year in the best way we know: with the smell of seaweed, the tropical tones of your favourite sun tan lotion and hours of dosing up on Vitamin D.

Whatever you enjoy doing at the beach, make it come to life. Are you a flirt and go meet the new lifeguards on training while you pass them on your way to dip your toes in the water? Are you a chiller, so much so, that you even have a beach pillow, so you can rest up and not move until the time is up or do you spend most of your time boogie boarding, surfing or frolicking in the waves till your skin looks like a prune?

Today is yours to explore with your beach buddy. Whatever you do, make sure it puts a smile on your and your friend’s face.



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