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Cindy Pretorius Artworks & Wallpaper: How To Create Magical Walls At Home

Your walls are the blank canvas you have at home to create a truly magical interior. Here we share a few easy ways to create eye-catching wall designs, using art, decor and bold prints for a dose of vibrancy.

All images by Cindy Pretorius Artworks & Wallpaper.

Floral wall designs

Bring nature indoors with bold blooms in bright colours. Beautiful floral wallpaper designs are on trend and can add a little feminine touch to a guest loo, a bedroom or a living room wall. Let the natural patterns and colours of fresh blooms infiltrate your interior all year-round. It truly is a magnificent way to add a designer touch to your home and create a wall that will stand out and be admired by all.

Remember, less is often more, so go with a limited colour palette and allow the tones from your selected wallpaper to echo through the various decor and accessories found around the room.

Large Artworks and Prints

If you’re feeling less brave in applying wallpaper, why not opt for a display of beautiful art or a large print that you can frame and hang on your favourite wall. This is also a great option if you want to change out the art seasonally, or if you’re looking for a more temporary design solution in a space.

Bold framed artwork can elevate any room with a touch of colour, design aesthetic and texture. We love nature-inspired prints that bring the outdoors in and add much-needed tone to an interior.

All images by Cindy Pretorius Artworks & Wallpaper.

Create A Feature Wall

Give your home personality and create a bold feature wall in your chosen room. In the living room, the wall behind your TV cabinet is often a great spot to highlight with wallpaper or a bright shade of paint. Choose something that subtely highlights the wall – a simple, streamlined design is often best. Modern prints include geometric designs, florals or stripes for added flair.

In the bedroom, a feature wall can tie all the colours together, as well as the entire design scheme. Choose a blank wall or the wall behind your headboard as a start. Simply turn it into a statement piece of art with a bold print or paint hue. Wallpaper in the bedroom can definitely set the trend and help you achieve a designer finish.

The same is true for a bathroom, where the wall behind your vanity may come to life with beautiful prints and wallpaper. For inspiration, why not have a look online. You’ll soon find that many award-winning hotels and restaurants feature bold wallpaper or prints, in some form or another, as a part of a winning design scheme.

You do not have to look too far to find the perfect print, artwork of wallpaper design. Local is lekker and we’re always thrilled by the amazing designs of local artists such as Cindy Pretorius.

Cindy offers a spectrum of intricate designs that will surely add colour and life to any interior. Browse her social media platforms for inspiration and bring the magic of prints and wallpaper to your own home.

Check out her collection here.


All images by Cindy Pretorius Artworks & Wallpaper.

Lifestyle images by Designer Candy  and  Designers Boy Art 

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