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Cara Saven Wall Design Launches Entourage

An exciting new range has just launched at Cara Saven Wall Design. Entitled Entourage, this new collection gains inspiration from the film sets of the 50s and 60s with an ode to the ever-popular Mad Men series. The range is bold, brave and fabulous and encapsulates all that we have come to love about this exciting era in interior design. 

With prints named after popular characters in Mad Men, Cara Saven captures the true essence of Mad Men in each unique design. Entourage includes Rizzo, Peggy, Joany, Trudy, Frannie and Betty Draper with each distinct print adding a sense of nostalgia in reflecting these timeless characters and the boldness of this remarkable era in design.

We chatted with Cara Saven, owner and creative entrepreneur behind Cara Saven Wall Design, about this new collection. Here’s what she had to say:

We are loving the playfulness of Entourage. What is it about the Mad Men TV series that inspired you to create this fascinating range?
It’s not actually only Mad Men. The range relates to any good production set in the 50s and 60s. But Mad Men really has done such a great job with furniture, paint colours, print and design. From the clothing and make-up to the walls and floors – It makes me want to jump right into an era I was never a part of.”

Each of the designs is named after a character in the show. Which are the standout designs in your opinion and why?
“I started the range with Peggy as a custom design we did for a reception building. I loved the outcome and love how it informed the entire reception area of the building. I called her Peggy because to me, that is the pivotal character in Mad Men. She informs the change from a totally male dominated society to one that allowed for women to sneak through the door if they were brave enough to play the boys at their own game. Peggy paved the way for a future that is culminating in things like Timesup. Hopefully, our kids won’t need Peggys and Timesup in their future.”

How would you sum up the overall look of this entire collection?
“It’s about bold colour, interesting shapes and a play with overlapping. It’s not subtle and it it’s not shy. It wants to be the centre of attention and commands that the space work around it, rather than the other way around.”

Remember, each of Cara Saven’s bespoke designs can be customised according to colours and sizes to suit your space. Contact them today to discuss your needs.

Contact: Cara Saven Wall Design.

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