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Black Fabrics: Mind The Gap

MINDTHEGAP is an eclectic brand that designs and manufactures premium home accessories. Here you will find inspiring prints magically presented in gorgeous textiles. You can now access the range locally through agents Black Fabrics.

“We are proud of our individuality and we always try to think outside the box. We are hooked on expressing our artistic freedom and show you unseen and undiscovered things. Our products are rich in details, with high-quality finishing and we want people to create a lifestyle by using them. Here in Transylvania we design, produce and supply everything being inspired by the world culture.”

OCEANIA is a spectacular design showing the underwater world in its fabulous beauty.

Their collection shows different styles, unique designs with a strong artistic identity and a love of reusing iconic creations of the world. They play with old photography and antique illustrations, vintage drawings and contemporary patterns, trying to create fabulous decorative goods. Here you can discover a world full of intriguing combinations, creativity and free spirit.

MINDTHEGAP’s inspiration comes from everything around them. Creativity is nurtured by images, drawings, sketches, stories and dreams. They seek, discover and give birth to unique and distinguished designs and use contemporary models, old photographs or antique illustrations and then reinvent them and print on different natural materials to enhance hidden details.

They are passionate about cotton and linen, and love to work with paper, wood and glass. Art is conceived from a multitude of styles and products which can be used independently or as part of a fabulous interior décor.

MINDTHEGAP creations are the result of a passion and inspiration taken from things and people the team encounter on a daily basis. They see art as being eternal and therefore have collections comprised of a history of good taste, starting from the classic and transitional and moving to modern and contemporary design. They bring back to life traditional concepts with a dash of modernism and give birth to new models inspired by those little things. These are the concepts and values guiding the daily inspiration and leading the team to create premium home accessories.

Shop the latest range from MINDTHEGAP now available locally through agents Black Fabrics. 

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