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The Shores & Lines Collection makes us long for summer with St Leger & Viney

Rebel Walls launches four trend-based wallpaper collections annually, interpreting current trends. They have a clear theme that is being developed in line with current directions of interior design. In addition to these four, Rebel Walls also launches two collection books that are more extensive with broader designs.

The Shores & Lines trend collection has a modern and relaxed take on the marine interior style. Inspiration is taken from the natural, seaside way of living and the style fits summerhouses as well as hotels. “The proximity to our own production makes the journey from new trends to finished wallpaper minimal. Thanks to this, we constantly offer a current selection of wallpaper that fits perfectly with the latest interior design” says the CD of Rebel Walls.

Feeling This collection is relaxed bohemian. Think sea and coast that has been worn and washed through time. Picnics on the beach with a no-stress vibe.

Personality Unashamedly calm and secure with an emphasis on a passion for the ocean through peace and freedom.

Space This simple and light-hearted yet stylishly furnished collection works well with inherited décor and seaside treasures. Warm wooden floors and humble clay pots next to a crackling fire is what this collection is all about. Stripes rule here.

About Rebel Walls Rebel Walls is a Swedish wallpaper company with design studio and production in Borås. The company offers a wide selection of designer wallpapers as well as the opportunity to create designs of your own online. Rebel Walls production is environmentally friendly in waste and energy usage. At Rebel Walls website, you can browse through selective design collections, search in an extensive image bank with twelve million images, or create a wallpaper using your own image. You can also send a design request and get suggestions for wallpapers and unique designs based on your specific wishes. The whole selection is available on rebelwalls.com

The Shores & Lines collection is available from St Leger & Viney

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