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Romo SA: The Homespun Collection by Mark Alexander

There’s something organic and wholesome about Mark Alexander’s new collection: Homespun. As it says in it’s title, the collection is a tribute to the art of textured weaves and the upliftment they give a space. With an intent of pure comfort and understood aesthetics, we love how the range presents itself visually: giving the materials and the scissors the platform to remind us how much work goes into each piece of fabric.

Mark Alexander: The Homespun Collection Natural qualities and understated designs come together to create a relaxed collection of textural linens. A hand woven appearance further enhances the rustic feel of the collection, while a palette of muted, earthy shades feature intonations of Antique Teal and Wilderness green. Mark Alexander: The Homespun Collection Available from Romo Fabrics

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