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Home Fabrics: 9 new fabrics to use in your designs today

The season’s hottest collections by Home Fabrics is everything we hoped for and could have imagined. Take a closer look at some of these divine fabrics, perfect for upholstery, curtains and textiles around the home.


Suitably named after the gentle giants living in Africa, this new collection is perfect for all your upholstery needs. Many people who have touched an elephant´s skin for the first time often describe it to be softer than expected, so too is the construction of this collection, bearing a similar appearance to that of elephant skin. With a kaleidoscope of colours and a rub count of 30 000, this collection is bound to become a firm favourite.


The basic definition for a turbine is a machine that captures energy. Appropriately named, this new collection does exactly that with regards to capturing the sun’s rays using a three-pass blackout. A perfect solution for curtaining in contract and residential installations. Available in twenty-five gorgeous colours ranging from basic neutrals to punchier tones.


In a combination of colours ranging from soft pastels, everyday neutrals, to your trendy fashion tones, the Avalon collection will add a certain structure to an interior whether the scheme is focused around a family room, a gentleman’s office or even a boutique hotel. The structured weave gives the effect of a false plain as one clearly sees the detail which has gone into creating this wonderful upholstery fabric.


Being the second planet from the Sun, Venus is the second brightest object in the night sky after the Moon. Named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, the Venus Collection stands out from the crowd when it comes to curtaining.

DURANGO Durango is a city in North Central Mexico that shares the Four Corners of Native American culture with the mountain/mining/ranching/outdoor regions. Similar to the town, the construction of this collection is made up of four different colour threads which create a grainy appearance, thus bringing to life the Durango collection.

DEVON Visit Devon in the United Kingdom and you’ll find that there is more to this spectacular and diverse city than you might have thought, so too with this new collection from Home Fabrics. Devon has a stunning offering of 36 magnificent colours and a texture that is naturally beautiful, reminding us of the recently launched Woolen collection mixed up with a soft chenille-like construction.

MARRAKESH Out of the Moroccan desert rises Marrakesh, an oasis of beauty and tranquillity that will enchant travellers looking for adventure, rejuvenation, and the experience of a lifetime. The Marrakesh collection will make you feel like a sultan, with four exceptional designs; Menara, a plain, Majorelle, which resembles a parkay-flooring type of pattern, Bahai, a small chevron and Agdal, a playful paisley.

NATURAL HABITAT Introducing an exciting collection of embroidered geometrics on a natural looking fabric, constructed from a poly-cotton blend. The Natural habitat collections offers six different geometric designs ranging from the subtle Melodic design; a small diamond lattice, to the Corvo design; which creates a striking optical illusion.

RITZ GLITZ Bringing the Glitz back into the Ritz, this collection is a range of plains and velvets with a digitally printed metallic finish. There are nine gorgeous designs to choose from with a colour palette of white, black, silver and gold, giving this collection a modern yet elegant feel.

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