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Black Fabrics: Sea Change Trend comes to RSA

Inspired by beautiful seascapes and breathtaking coral formations on the coast and on land, the latest fabric collection from the Harlequin Studio, available locally through Black Fabrics, is set to wow while bringing the natural world into your everyday interiors.

The Harlequin Studio has designed Anthozoa, a striking collection full of verve and vitality, which derives its name from a word meaning ‘a living sea plant’. Louise Collis, the collection’s designer, explains: “I looked at land and sea, following an interior trend called ‘sea change’ that focused on sea plants and corals, rocks and land formation by sea. I also kept a keen eye on fashion trends, in particular the use of sheer fabrics and soft serene colours.” Louise continues: “Having researched into different sea and land plants, as well as various shells, fossils and fish, I was also inspired by water patterns, waterfalls, mineral and algae, translating them into textures and finishes that I felt would add an extra dimension to the collection. I explored different Far Eastern printing techniques, such as tie-dye and discharge printing, to give an authentic feel.” The resulting range of fabrics is vivacious, energetic and fashion confident. It comprises seven printed fabrics over 22 colourways, all suitable for upholstery as well as curtains and accessories. There are also five weaves and two semi-sheers, in textures such as linen, voile and velvet, intended to encapsulate the organic feel and appearance of the motifs. They are also ideal for layering together to add movement and capture the essence of Anthozoa. The fabrics are complemented by nine wallcovering designs, six of which match the fabrics. Making a powerful design statement, and providing a definite talking point, the wallcoverings are a mix of standard and wide-width, some of them accented with shimmering mica, iridescence and beading. In keeping with the emerging vogue for ‘wall art’ there is also a stunning digitally‐printed panel, featuring an evocative, inky landscape, which is sure to transport you to far off places and fire your imagination. All the individual design names relate to land and sea, and the motifs encompass beautifully executed botanicals, shells, exotic plants, gum‐tree leaves, pebbles, wood, coral, waterfalls and waves. Anthozoa is accompanied by a glorious range of wide-width, 100% linen curtain fabrics: Moramo Linens. Named after a waterfall in Indonesia, Moramo’s elegant, bleached out motif flows gracefully down the fabric, emulating running and rippling water in an array of mineral colours.

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