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Andrea Brand: Namibian Inspiration

As an artist and surface designer, Andrea Brand finds inspiration in a variety of places. Her recent trip to the country of her birth has inspired her to continue on the path of design and creative expression. This is what she had to share…


“I visited my country of birth, Namibia, for the first time in 10 years last week. What an experience! My body, soul and heart immediately recognised the place where my life began. Wide open spaces and the kind of silence that actually has its own sound. The landscape is scattered with traces of matter in different stages of their life cycle. Everything held such a strong connection with my Traces collection and I gathered many imprints, both in my mind’s eye and on camera, of the symmetry and cycle of life. Thank you to the land and people I gathered with, that inspired me and gave me renewed energy.”

Green Leaf

A simple stroll along a dry riverbed in Namibia also resulted in an impromptu photoshoot with the Autumn range in the Traces collection. It is easy to see how Andrea’s love of nature inspires her work.

The Traces Collection:

The collection called Traces, found its form in the lush beauty and layered depth of an island jungle and in the fascinating lifecycle of leaves – growth to decay, and decay feeding growth. There are three ranges within the collection: Jungle, Autumn and Leaf Greens.

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