T & Co Fabrics Presents The Studio B Sketchbook Collection

Studio B is an exciting new division of Jim Thompson Fabrics. All the original artwork for Studio B fabrics are the result of some type of handwork – either drawn, painted, cut-out or stamped. In essence, there are no straight lines. It is the irregularities – the drips, the brushmarks and wavy lines that make the execution of the pattern as important as the pattern itself.

T & Co Fabrics is thrilled to now offer the Studio B Sketchbook Collection locally in South Africa. A fun collection, the colours vary from neutrals to complimentary colours that play off of each other.

The Sketchbook collection was developed from sketches and images that have accumulated in the past few years. Basket Case, Fast Track & Top Notch are just a few of the wonderful designs.

What can you expect? Here we outline some of the designs that make up this fascinating collection:

A FINE LINE A Fine Line takes its inspiration from a variation on the Greek Key motif. The hand-drawn quality and larger scale provides a nice juxtaposition to the more formal and traditional Greek Key pattern.

BASKET CASE The artwork for Basket Case was created using a stamped process. The placement of the marks provide a woven quality almost like a basket weave. This gives the pattern a wonderful texture that works with some of the larger patterns in the line as well as holds up on its own. The colourations again work with the new patterns but also with patterns in past collections.

FAST TRACK Fast Track is a two colour small scale horizontal stripe. The original artwork was created by an irregular pencil line drawing. The small scale of the pattern has a very textural quality that almost reads as a solid colour from a distance. The colourways are based on some of the new patterns but also some of the existing fabrics in earlier collections.

TOP NOTCH Top Notch is a large scale fretwork type of pattern. The original artwork was created with a stamp which gives the irregular quality to the image. This 3 colour pattern incorporates the quatrefoil motif used in some of the earlier fabrics.

TOUCH & GO Touch and Go is a whimsical pattern created with wide brushstrokes of 3 colours of paint. The interlocking shapes with the accent spots of colour make a pattern that works in almost any situation. The colourations vary from fun bright colour to more subtle neutrals.

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