St Leger & Viney: The Passage to India Collection

St Leger & Viney introduces Passage To India, a new collection celebrating the influence of India in design.

Celebrate vibrant colour and positive energy inspired by the Holi Festival as you take a Passage to India with St Leger & Viney’s latest collection.

The Holi Festival celebrates the arrival of spring and the season of hope and joy. Bright summer days beckon and flowers bloom, colouring the surroundings and filling the air with fragrance.

The statement design Grandiflora captures this spirit with a modern painterly Jacobean design in vibrant colourways taking inspiration from bright and striking silk saris. Jaipur is a painterly paisley design influenced by the intricate designs painted on to ceremonial elephants.

Rajasthan Block Print is a celebration of the age-old art of block printing and is designed to complement the statement designs and is a perfect accompaniment for many of St Leger & Viney collections.

Kamata is another valuable modern design that complements the collection perfectly. Agra is a useful Ikat design based on an old document and the full bloom roses of Viceroy’s Garden are a nod to India’s colonial past.

Embark on your own colourful journey today with St Leger & Viney’s Passage to India.


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