St Leger & Viney: What’s Your Grasscloth Style?

A return to nature and organic-style fabrics is at the core of Thibaut’s Grasscloth Resource 4 collection of soft coloured wallpaper.

Natural threads and fibres including woven jute, seagrass, boodlecloth, extra fine sisal, raffia, and paper weaves bring elements of nature indoors in a rustic yet charming take on fine wallcoverings.

This environmentally-friendly collection is supremely tactile and adds a third dimension of texture to any space. Both classic and bold, the Grasscloth collection is subtle enough to accompany any decor style. Whether you favour boho-chic, or laid back beach house, this collection has the colours and patterns to suit your taste.

Let’s explore some of our favourites:

A touch of bohemia 

Piedmont in Blue (left) and Golden Gate in Seamist (right)

These two patterns are perfect for a subtle boho-chic feel to a space. Piedmont makes a bold statement with it’s peacock-feather feel. Golden Gate is a safer option for glitzy decor. Pair with metallics and ornate, Moroccan-inspired decor.

Light Whites

Calabasas in Pearl White (left) and Big Sur Detail in Cream (right)

All-white interiors are the rage right now. White-washed floors, walls and decor is a trend that is here to stay. While this style encourages plenty of light in your interiors, it can look a bit clinical. Add a bit of warmth to your space with these textured products. For a safer option, the Big Sur in cream prevents a stark room.

Tantalising Textures

Hakka Grass in Gold (left) and Union Square in Mushroom (right)

Brush strokes in the Hakka Grass are the perfect accompaniment to warm rustic wood. The Union Square design is studded with small silver squares that can be highlight with ombre decor and quartz.

Current Mood

Canyon in Black (left) and Beverly Hills in Charcoal (right)

Create a moody interior or statement wall with these two wallcoverings. We love the Beverly Hills pattern that has a refreshingly classic look. Think dramatic decor in complimentary blood reds, burgundy and blue. Mirrors work wonders in bringing out this style.

Surprising Colour Combinations

Provincial Weave in Spring Green (left) and Shang Extra Fine Sisal in Blush (right)

We love the fresh pairing of green and pink which works amazingly well. Any shade works well in combination including bold brights or soft pastels. Be daring and copy this look. The Shang Sisal in blush with green decor or Provincial Weave in Spring Green with pink accents will work equally as well. Perfect for Spring decor trends!

The Grasscloth Collection is available from St Leger & Viney. Visit their website at for more information.


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