St Leger & Viney: The New Collection From Morris & Co

The latest collection from Morris & Co. known as Melsetter, showcases the incredible talents of May Morris, daughter of William and one of the most influential figures in English embroidery. Displaying flawless techniques and a distinctive style, May’s designs earned a place in our hearts, deserving to be recognised and enjoyed.

This stunning collection of beautiful wallpapers and fabrics are available locally through St Leger & Viney.

Featuring 10 beautiful wallpapers, seven prints & seven embroideries, Melsetter shares May’s commitment to her creative vision and to her father’s ideals, resulting in a collection of original and re-imagined designs, each with their own historical provenance.

May Morris (1862-1938) is one of English embroidery’s most influential and pioneering figures. The youngest daughter of designer-craftsman and poet, William Morris, her extraordinary upbringing, placed her at the physical and ideological heart of the English Arts and Crafts movement. As an embroiderer, designer, teacher and campaigner May’s career spanned more than 50 years.

Like her father, May Morris was a dedicated scholar to her artform and her study of historic needlework shaped the stitches, colours and designs created at Morris & Co. The Melsetter collection (named after Melsetter House in Scotland, once home to a significant May Morris embroidery) is inspired by May’s work and by the needlewomen influenced by her craftsmanship and teaching.

Rebecca Craig, Head Of Design at Morris & Co. says, “Melsetter showcases the incredible talents of May Morris and other leading female embroiders from the Arts and Crafts movement. Their flawless techniques and distinctive style earned a place in our hearts,
deserving to be recognised and enjoyed. May’s commitment to her own creative vision and to her father’s ideals are celebrated in Melsetter, a collection of beautiful, useable fabrics and wallpapers, each with their own historical provenance.”

Presenting a wide and varied colour palette, from the traditional hues of Carmine Red to the deep blues of Indigo and neutral shades of Linen, Chalk and Sage, Melsetter provides a multitude of decorating options.

The collection features seven embroideries, seven prints and 10 wallpapers, each paying homage to the exceptional stitching abilities of May Morris, her colleagues, students and friends.

Faithful copies of archive documents like Bird sit alongside interpretations of much-loved designs such as Seasons by May.

Wilhelmena and Melsetter (the collection’s featured designs) add a uniqueness to the range, showing the creativity of the Morris & Co. studio.

The Lethaby Weaves book includes a compendium of six weaves, each designed to complement the Melsetter collection. In addition, the Ruskin Plains book includes 30 expertly coloured plains made from 100% linen.

The launch comprises four books: Melsetter Fabrics (featuring a selection of embroideries and prints), Melsetter Wallpapers (paper and non-woven), Lethaby Weaves (including a selection of upholstery fabrics) and Ruskin Plains a collection of dual purpose 100%
linen plains.

Morris & Co. is available exclusively from St Leger & Viney.



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