St Leger & Viney: Élitis, Panoramic Collection.

Large-format creative freedom in 72 original designs. This is the Élitis panoramic collection which continues to punctuate wallpaper collections with originality and dedicate their singular large-format decors to walls.

The Élitis design studio is currently opening up its portfolios plunging us into a panoramic
adventure. Their creative freedom inventories exceptional materials and territories on paper murals. Paintings, drawings, figurative motifs and engravings; the works offer a big screen show and the textured material of the backings on which they are displayed is unique.

Raffia, linen, straw, silk, animal hide, metal, these material effects, characteristic of Elitis, reveal patterns, giving them texture, attracting light, vibrating colours and flattering walls.

A unique panoramic wall collection on embossed vinyl is available. Standard format panoramics: 3m high x 2.80 – 4m wide depending on the model. Panoramics can be custom made offering customized solutions.

This collection is exquisite and offers unique appeal that will bring texture and refined elegance to any room. Create the space you’ve always dreamed of with a gorgeous feature wall in one of the many available prints on offer.

In South Africa, St Leger and Viney are the exclusive distributors for Elitis. Be sure to contact them to find out about this stunning new collection.

Contact: St Leger & Viney.


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