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Dusty Pink – The Daydreamer Collection by Rebel Walls

Rebel Walls interprets, embraces and challenges the trendiest pink shade in a passionate deep dive of the colour. This is Dusty Pink from the Daydreamer Collection. Enjoy a highly relevant wallpaper collection that gets its inspiration from dreamy clouds, hexagons, gems and whirling marble – all wrapped in seductive pink.

Dusty Pink will be the third trend collection from Rebel Walls this year. The collection contains nine wallpaper patterns, all inspired by the up and coming pink trend. Pink is humble yet doubtless. Harmonic yet powerful. Laid-back yet constantly in the spotlight. It is fascinating how such a pleasant, soulful and self-evident colour can evoke so many different emotions like the colour pink does. Would you dare to go pink? ”We believe in the courage to fall in love and act accordingly. Home decor should be free from anxiety and filled with lust. If you fall for something at all, you might as well fall hard!” says Johanna Ek, Head of Design at RebelWalls. The pink shade that dominates the collection is a refined and pleasant nuance – pink with a pinch of ink. A little rougher shade, but so much more interesting. The future is pink! “Pink has historically been associated with both male and female characteristics. Now the colour is free. All people, all categories can allow themselves the most passionate colour in their homes.” – Hanna Bondesson, PR Manager, Rebel Walls. Rebel Walls is a Swedish wallpaper company with design studio and production in Borås. The company offers a wide selection of designer wallpapers as well as the opportunity to create designs of your own online. Rebel Walls production is environmentally friendly in waste and energy usage.

At Rebel Walls website, you can browse through selective design collections, search in an extensive image bank with twelve million images, or create a wallpaper using your own image. You can also send a design request and get suggestions for wallpapers and unique designs based on your specific wishes. The whole selection from Rebel Walls  is available from St Leger and Viney Get started – Claim your space!

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