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Arper at The Salone del Mobile 2019

Arper recently took part in the 58th edition of the Salone del Mobile, from 9 to 14 April 2019. New collections and iconic products were presented in the 900 square meter exhibition space at Pavilion 16, dedicated to design and furnishings.

For this occasion, Arper has promoted its own interpretation of contemporary trends, once again anticipating and seizing the evolution of everyday life and workspaces, tracing a new direction embodied in the Soft(er) concept.

“We are living in an era that demands our constant attention. In our digital age, we have never been more connected, on the move, going faster. That is why we feel the need to offset this overexposure to stimuli that leads us to a frenzied lifestyle. Time has never been as important as it is now. We look for people, places and objects that keep us balanced. We need stability, softness, space, more air, and soft – or rather Soft(er) – objects.”

Jan Vranovský

Also, in our everyday interactions with the surrounding environment, Arper recognizes that the quality of our space has an impact on everything, from health to productivity, creativity to collaboration, and so on; they look for places that can offer comfort, authenticity, care, inspiration.

From their earliest days, this softer approach to living, learning, and working has framed everything they do at Arper. Their families of products are manifestations of essential human values – connection, sensitivity, comfort and ease. They design for a world that unites in humanity. Together, softer.

SIMPLE HQ – Portland, OR – Hacker Architects – ©ChristianColumbres

Arper’s exhibition space at the Salone interprets the Soft(er) theme by using soft materials such as fabrics, transparent materials that allow light to illuminate spaces in a natural way, and streamlined, welcoming shapes.

The project was designed by the MAIO creative team, under the artistic direction of Lievore Altherr and styling by Leandro Favaloro.

Here is Studio MAIO’s statement: “The design of Arper’s booth explores the Softer concept through an architectural structure based on several layers, such as different atmospheres, materials, and narratives. Softness is expressed through the juxtaposition of shapes, materials, transparencies, an overall design that softens physical boundaries and allows different readings of the space. The perimeter encourages the visitor to wander in, and at the same time encloses a particularly spacious, collective space in the middle that is designed to facilitate exchange and interaction”.

Agents for Arper in South Africa are Inova Contracts. Inova Contracts is a well-established market leader in the contract furniture industry. They have an extensive client base, both locally and internationally, with a proven track record. Their dedicated team strives to provide clients with the best possible product knowledge, advice and unparalleled service.

As an independent furniture and lighting consultancy they are in a position to offer clients impartial advice, giving them the best solution for their projects.

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