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Ambiente: The Future Belongs to Artisans

The global consumer goods industry will be meeting in Frankfurt am Main from 8 to 12 February 2019. This time the partner country will be the Republic of India.

The designer Ayush Kasliwal will be demonstrating the importance of traditional craftsmanship for India today. His designer colleague Sandeep Sangaru will be inviting visitors to a picnic under a canopy of stars.

Ayush Kasliwal

The presentation of the partner country will cover a wide range of products by traditional crafts and artisans and it reflects a deep understanding of mythology, architecture and culture through a contemporary aesthetic.

Curated and designed by the Jaipur-based India designer Ayush Kasliwal (Studio AKFD), next year’s exhibition will be shown again at Galleria 1. “ India makes a huge variety of handmade goods and this opens up enormous opportunities for the country. The future, especially for India, lies in craftsmanship. Ambiente is a fantastic place to present handmade products,” says Ayush Kasliwal.

Divided into two parts, the special presentation will be in discreet Indian colours, and the products will be beautifully illuminated in the style of a design gallery.

The first section, “Timeless and Handmade”, will celebrate products with everyday designs, including a number of authentic, classic originals. Other handmade products in this section have been developed to meet the expectations of today’s international audience.

The items will be presented in a gallery-style format, showing how much India can offer in this area. The individual artisan stages of the work will be illustrated through photographs. The second section of the presentation will focus on both established and emerging craft entrepreneurs, representing artisan communities and related organisations.

The emphasis will be on their working methods and production techniques. This aspect is especially important, as many consumers expect to see the same high standards from craft enterprises as the ones they are used to from industrial companies working under standardised conditions.

Relaxing culinary time – Designer Sandeep Sangaru

The café in Hall 4.1, designed by Sandeep Sangaru, will be a place where visitors can find moments of peace and quiet.

It is designed as an installation offering visitors the opportunity to relax over a cup of coffee or to pause for thought as they enjoy a delicious snack. The designer has created an opulent Indian-style ambience for the Starry Night Café, much of which is built of bamboo. It is a place where visitors can stop and think for a moment.

A special day themed on the partner country

As well as the partner country presentation and the Starry Night Café in Hall 4.1, Ambiente will follow its tradition of holding a special themed day once again on the Monday. This day will conclude in style, with a reception geared towards the partner country. In addition to the partner country programme, the forthcoming Ambiente will again feature numerous trend and product presentations, award ceremonies, special areas and a range of further events.

Ambiente 2019 will be held from 8 to 12 February.


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