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HAS: Appliances That Make DIY So Much Easier!

Being a homeowner means that you’re personally responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of your entire property. No easy feat! Thanks to our friends from Home Appliances South Africa Show 2018, we share some tools worth investing in to help make DIY a lot easier!

The Cordless Drill
The cordless drill is a timesaving appliance that is helpful for a whole range of DIY activities where you will need to sink, tighten or remove screws. It requires no plugs or wires and is quicker and more powerful than a manual screwdriver.

The Air Compressor
An air compressor is one of the more versatile items to have in your DIY kit. It can be used to pump air into flat tyres and other inflatable items and can also be used to clean thin gaps and tricky corners using directed air pressure.

The Router
If you’re planning on working with wood (which is a popular DIY material) you’ll get much further with a router. It’s excellent for cutting dovetail and other tight-fitting joints, grooves for invisible shelf support, neat edges, decorative moulding, and much more.

HAS South Africa Show is your next great chance to get access to the technologically advanced and with environment-friendly products and producers.

Guangzhou Taipeng Electrical Appliances Technology Co., LTD is a Chinese organisation that specialised in the manufacturing, research, development and appearance design of electrical appliances.

The 20 000m2 factory is located in Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province and includes a workshop, technology lab, products-test office, and worker-related rooms. Concerning the production line, the company has 15 lines of electric kettles, which can produce one million items each month, and 5 lines of rice cooker,s which can produce 80 000 each month.

It also boasts professional skilled workers and 120 staff members as well as a complete quality control system. The products pass CCC/GS/CE/ROHS certification by GMS/CQC/SGS authentication authority. Visit HAS South Africa Show and get in touch with companies such as these to gain exposure and insight into the industry!

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