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Johannesburg Design Week

2017 sees the launch of the much anticipated Design Pavilion as well as Johannesburg Design Week


The role of design and design thinking is having a far larger impact on business than it had several years back. In South Africa, local design and designers are becoming sought after worldwide and as a nation we are creating some of the most exciting design that is currently taking shape worldwide.

  Many years ago, Dave Nemeth of Trend Forward worked on a proposal for design week to take place over one of the many design / decor related expos that were taking place at the time. The value was not acknowledged then, but certainly is now. He has just been appointed as a strategic partner to the Rand Show, to position it as one of the world’s leading “Design Centric” consumer shows.

Design in many respects in South Africa has been very fragmented as well as elitist, meaning it has only been accessible to a very select few. There may be a host of decor & design expo’s but they do little on the education side of things and tend to continually draw in the same audience.   Design Week aims to bridge this gap and put on professional and engaging workshops and talks catering for students, the general public as well as industry professionals. The beauty about aligning this with the Rand Show is that a large percentage of professionals are on leave over that period and can attend a master class for an hour whilst still being in an environment that is exciting and engaging for the rest of the family. Visit www.randshow.co.za,

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