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Garden Tech: Give Your Garden The Edge with The HAS Show 2018

Getting your garden going isn’t always as easy as relying on your green thumb. We live in an age of technology, which means that there are a plethora of cutting-edge tools, apps and gadgets out there to help transform even the most struggling garden into a serene space in no time.

Here are some of the gadgets you should keep an eye out for:

Gardening apps
The gardening app should give you relevant tips, landscaping ideas as well as the general knowledge that will help you become a better gardener in the long run. If you are an iOS user, Garden Plan Pro is a great example of what to look for.

Infra-red cameras
There is a DIY infrared camera available that you can build yourself, called Infragram. Using the easy-to-build camera, you will be able to see if your plants are struggling to thrive and discover more about your precious plants than you even knew possible.

Non-invasive artificial help
If you are struggling to keep larger pests from destroying your garden, but don’t want to resort to lethal traps or poison, you should think about getting an owl garden decoy. Modern variants not only look like their more alive counterparts, they are also able to move and mimic the sounds, which is a great way of keeping your garden happy, and the ecosystem thriving.

HAS South Africa Show is your next great chance to get access to the technologically advanced with environment-friendly household products and producers.

The factory of Jiangmen Yierle Kitchenware specialises in Alu with S/S cookware and pressure cooker manufacturing for over 20 years. Located in Jiangmen, Guangdong, China, the company covers an area of over 50,000 square meters with more than 260 skilful workers who have been engaged in kitchenware R&D for many years.

With advanced equipment and professional stretching, mirror polishing, non-stick coating and oxidizing lines, the annual output of pressure cooker approximates to 1.5 million, max 150 thousand per month, about 60% for export.

The factory carried out ISO9001 quality management and products have CE, UL approval, and enjoy a good reputation for the stable quality among customers from domestic locations and overseas.

Come explore all that HAS South Africa Show 2018 has to offer, with access to these and other great international companies.

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