SARCDA VIP buyer registration is now open

On-line registration for SARCDA International 2018 is now open at Access to SARCDA’s exhibitions is strictly limited to bona fide retail trade buyers to ensure that buyers do not end up shopping alongside their own customers.

New buyers are vetted to ascertain that they are indeed genuine trade buyers and a VAT or company registration certificate must be supplied when registering. SARCDA offers two annual exhibitions: SARCDA International, in March and SARCDA Christmas, in August. Some 15000 buyers visit these exhibitions each year to explore the treasure trove of gift, toy and décor items presented by more than 700 exhibitors.
“Our March exhibition is smaller than the August exhibition but it provides a valuable resource for buyers to stock up after Christmas,” says Teresia Stander, MD of SARCDA Exhibitions. “We follow international trends closely to ensure that our exhibitions offer a world-class buying experience and we are constantly looking for ways to add value for both buyers and exhibitors,” she says. This year, SARCDA celebrates its 50th anniversary, testimony to the business’ willingness and ability to constantly reinvent itself and keep ahead of the pack. “We’ve seen many competitors come and go over the past 50 years; this is a tough business, not least because our exhibitors are offering luxury items, not essentials. One of the cornerstones of our longevity has been our fierce commitment to protecting our strict trade only status, which has secured our niche in the market,” says Stander. SARCDA International takes place from 8 to 11 March at Gallagher Convention Centre, which is also the home of SARCDA Christmas from 23 – 26 August 2018.

Trade buyers can register as buyers by visiting


  1. i never received my email with the entrance vouchers as i do annually….so would like to make you aware of this… so i can get my entrance tickets printed before Thursday…. many thanks
    Diane and Debbie dos Santos
    Fine Feathers
    contact : 0824548851


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