Maison & Objet: Excuse My French

What do first lady Brigitte Macron, choreographer Benjamin Millepied and the singer Christine and the Queens have in common… apart from the fact that they are all French? According to Vincent Grégoire from the Paris-based forecasting agency NellyRodi, they also possess a certain je ne sais quoi — that indescribable Gallic quality that exudes an easy allure, an effortless chic and a distinctive sense of style.

For each session of Maison & Objet, NellyRodi analyses the latest consumer trends and sociological phenomena, and encapsulates them in a theme. The topic chosen for January 2019 may have a humorous note to it: “Excuse My French!” but, it looks very seriously at
a re-emergence of the country of Molière on the international scene.

“There’s a renewed curiosity about the French abroad, a sort of fascination at the moment”, asserts Grégoire. For him, the movement is linked to globalisation: “In a world where things are becoming standardized, people are looking for something different”. And where better to celebrate that than at Maison & Objet, the Parisian trade show par excellence?

Foreign visitors will be given the opportunity to discover new French brands and designers, while others will better understand how to take full advantage of the Made in France phenomenon.


From 18th to 22nd of January 2019, we have the great pleasure to introduce you to our new inspirational theme: "Excuse my french!"What is planned: a road trip that visits the new topography of creation in France, a close up of what’s going on in some small and very inventive design companies, a review of those classics that designers have revisited with humour and some totally new experiences that we have the innovative French tech sector to thank for. Not forgetting a spotlight on the keys to understanding new trends, together with a selection of products and must-know brands.Excited about discovering this new space designed by the NellyRodi / Nelly Rodi agency? So are we!!

Posted by Maison & Objet on Thursday, 15 November 2018

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