LaForma SA: Reflections On An Inspired Morning Event

LaForma SA recently played host to a group of women, inspiring creativity and entrepreneurship during an informative and inspired Saturday morning.

The LaForma SA showroom was brought to life, filled with art, beautiful finds for that special place in your home, and lots of inspiration and clever ideas.

What was the aim of this event?

According to founder, Vicky Dockray from LaForma SA, the morning was designed to inspire and connect with women. “Providing a platform where inspiring women share their story, and empower other women to be their authentic wonderful self is a true privilege.”

With a stunning line-up of inspired guest speakers, visitors gained much insight and motivation to live their best lives. Speakers included:

Vicky and Cara

Cara Saven

Cara Saven, from Cara Saven Wall Design, joined all the way from Cape Town, sharing about her personal journey and evolution from Corporate Woman to Mom to Business Owner. She spoke about her amazing wallpaper and the different options available. She introduced visitors to her innovations such as the seamless wallpaper, ideal for bathrooms, which can also be printed on surfaces as big as 5m x 30m. Her passion for life and her business was inspiring.

Adelle Jansen van Rensburg

The amazing artist Adelle Jansen van Rensburg chatted about her journey from dealing with bad childhood memories because of her dad, to becoming the best version of herself. Quote of the morning: Remember “what you spot you got”.

Kelsey Photography

The extremely talented photographer Kelsey shared some tips on how to take the perfect profile picture and selfie. It brought a smile to many hearts to see so many of these beautiful profile pics as WhatsApp profiles and on social media platforms. Kelsey’s talent and passion is evident in her work!

Lisa Steingold

Lisa has such a talent in reading the crowd, speaking from her heart and having everyone hanging onto every last word.

“Confidence is not equal to winning or what the world perceives confidence to be… confidence grows with every one of your small daily achievements.”

More about LaForma SA:

LaForma SA offers a complete range of home furnishings and interior design accessories. They are a company dedicated to bringing you the most exquisite, quality furniture without the costly designer price tag.

For more visit LaForma SA.


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