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Highlights from The Home Channel This January

Stay entertained and inspired with the latest shows now on The Home Channel. Here you will find a wide variety of interesting shows to keep you motivated with exclusive home designs, decor trends and ideas. 

What’s on the box in January?

Best Houses S3 (Starts 1 Jan; Mondays at 19:00)

Best Houses brings to life the heart and soul of everything house and home. Author and host, Gary Takle, is on a quest to discover what really makes a house work. Each episode grabs the audience’s attention while walking them through some of the most exciting and visually stunning houses in Australia. Other time slots: Tue 22:00 Wed 11:00 Thu 15:00

Honey I Bought the House S1 (Starts 1 Jan; Wednesdays at 19:00)

Honey I Bought The House is a nail-biting approach to the reality of buying a first home, which sees couples given a £15,000 deposit to get them on the property ladder. The only catch is they are separated immediately and one has three weeks to secure a property – or they lose the money. The hunt is on for the perfect home. Will their partner be thrilled with their new property and sign the mortgage papers, or risk losing that precious deposit? Other slots: Mon 15:00 Thu 22:00 Fri 11:00

Charlie Luxton Homes By The Sea S3 (Starts 9 Jan; Tuesdayst at 20:00 or Fridays at 16:00)

Beautiful beaches, sumptuous sea food & truly epic scenery – these are just some of the things that fuel people’s desire to live along the UK’s diverse and alluring coastline. In this third series Charlie Luxton embarks on another trip around our breath-taking bays, to visit more of Britain’s best Homes by the Sea. Other slots: Wed 08:00 Thu 12:00

Finest Homes S1 (Starts 8 Jan; Thursdays at 19:00)

South African home design and architecture has truly come into its own over the last decade. Bland imitations have made way for modern masterpieces and character-filled design. Finest Homes explores these creations, talking to the visionaries who are bringing them to life, as well as the people who live in them. Host, Juliet Newel, will take us through the spaces, showcasing both the architecture and interior design. She’ll also offer up tips and ideas for you to recreate some of these looks in your own home. Other slots: Mon 11:00 Tue 15:00 Fri 22:30

Natural Reboot S1 (Starts 8 Jan; Thursday 18:30).

In this lifestyle series, viewers nominate friends and loved ones who need more than a makeover, they need a ‘make under’. Host Purva Bedi and her team of experts ambush them — then get to work showing them that the key to a healthier, happier lifestyle is ‘less is more’. From health and diet tips to de-cluttering and purging the excess in life, the Natural Reboot team give hope to those stuck in a rut and help them to realise that they are the ones in control of their lives. Other slots: Mon 10:30 Tue 14:30 Fri 23:30

Gardening 101 S4 (Starts 16 Jan; Tuesdays at 21:00 and Fridays at 17:00)

Melanie Walker, one of South Africa’s most passionate landscape enthusiasts, once again joins forces with food gardener extraordinaire, Linda Galvad in a fresh season of Gardening 101. Other slots: Wed 09:00 Thu 13:00 Sat 12:00 & 19:00 Sun 16:00 & 23:00

House vs House S1 (starts 15 Jan; Fridays at 19:00)

House vs. House is a home makeover competition series where amateur and experienced renovation teams compete for the chance to win $10,000 by proving they can create the better DIY projects in their home. From painting and decorating, to one-of-a-kind, imaginative projects, in each episode, two teams will go head-to-head in gruelling home makeover challenges. Tanya McQueen, an expert in DIY design, and David Brian Sanders, an architect and designer, will determine which team completes the most impressive transformation and award the cash prize. Other slots: Mon 22:00 Tue 11:00 Wed 15:00

Grand Designs UK S9 (Starts 15 Jan; Tuesdays 17:00 and Thursdays 21:00)

Presented by architect and design expert Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs charts the in-depth process of ambitious design projects, from the initial intricacies of blueprints to the long and often arduous task of turning those concepts into a practical living space. Other slots: Mon 13:00 Fri 09:00 Sat 11:00 & 18:00 Sun 15:00 & 22:00

Before & After S1 (Starts 15 Jan; Wednesdays 18:30)

There is something quite special about watching a house being transformed right before your eyes. In Before & After, architectural commentator, Gary Takle, takes viewers through an up close look at the building process, and will get inside the minds of the professionals creating these projects. We will also witness the construction through the eyes of the owners and see the dramatic reveals once complete. With every episode following a full home construction. this show is as engaging as it is entertaining. Other slots: Mon 14:30 Thu 23:30 Fri 10:30

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