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Jun 14, 2018

HAS: New Global Trends In Smart Homes

The Danish concept of ‘Hygge’ has taken the world by storm. With the clever use of technology, we think that smart homes will be even better in meeting global ‘Hygge’ needs! HAS shares some top trends we can expect to shape the future of smart homes internationally over the next season. 

Data-driven health
This can involve monitoring sleep cycles and patterns or even optimum dates for conception to occur. This fuller picture could easily evolve to pinpoint medical conditions present or your risk of developing them.

Voice controlled convenience
Smart homes will give people a chance to take a break from computer screens through easy to use voice-activated functions. Virtual Personal Assistant technology could be integrated into the home so that a simple command turns on your stove or plays your favourite song when you enter the front door.

All-in-one hubs
There’s a need for a centralized hub or remote control that can use WIFI or Bluetooth technology to control devices across various brands. A Smart home control platform is already set to hit the market called ‘Atmos Smart Home’, which is just 10 by 18 centimetres in size.

App-controlled applications
Future homeowners will demand a Smart Home solution that can be operated outside the home. This is already used in certain security systems that allow you to monitor footage via your smart device, whether you’re at work or on holiday. More are sure to follow by creating dedicated applications that can be downloaded and accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

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YuYao Xuneng Jiangxin Electric Appliance is one of the leading manufacturers in China, producing innovative small electric appliances from their location in Yuyao-Ningbo city.

The enterprise produces household appliances such as hair dryers, hair curlers, popcorn makers, cotton candy makers and more. Most have gained the famous CCC, CE, and so on and continue to sell well globally in Europe, USA, South America, Mid East and over twenty other countries and regions.

The company is equipped with complete automatic processing lines, skilled workers and well expertized QC technicians along with advanced test apparatuses and carries out a strict internal management.

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