Ambiente Trends 2018: Tradition Meets Innovation

The interior design trends of the future will be on show in a comprehensive presentation of merchandise at the international consumer goods trade fair Ambiente from 9 to 13 February 2018.

The focus will be on everyday things, handmade items, sustainability and being future-proof.” This will be specifically reflected in four stylistic directions: Modest Regenerations, Colourful Intentions, Technological Emotions and Opulent Narrations. The design that will be presented has been impacted by numerous influences, ranging from rustic simplicity to hints of Baroque opulence. The trade fair will include exclusive guided tours and talks by the design studio, offering intensive glimpses of the four trend worlds. Let’s take a closer look at these trends:

Modern Regenerations: plain and simple A trend which is both contemporary and timeless while also being plain and relaxed. It stands for a clear, contemporary concept of living space, combining well-established ideas with new ones. The preferred materials will be wood, stone, concrete, ceramics, bamboo and cast iron – either glazed or enamelled – as well as linen and wool, in natural colours.

Technological Emotions – innovative materials in an emotionally appealing design A stylistic direction with an impact that is visionary, sophisticated and sensitive at the same time. Experimentation with new technologies has created an impression not of cool pragmatism, but of a design that appeals to the emotions. It includes some uncommon combinations of materials and products, e.g. paper and linen. Other elements that speak to the senses are super-thin films, soft textile structures and innovative visual accents.

Colourful Intentions – ethical claim combined with strong colours This style stands for strong, bright colours, powerful patterns, dynamism and vitality. The mixture of materials, recycling and upcycling, are backed up by an ethical claim, ensuring that products are not just impressive, but also sustainable. Recycled plastic, metal, wood and textiles are presented in chequered patterns, stripes and decorative borders.

Opulent Narrations – the courage to be opulent A courageous trend world with a penchant for eccentricity and historical quotations. This picturesque look is marked by precious oriental materials and a love for opulent details. It involves the use of artistically decorated porcelain, precious stones, ornate leatherwork, brocades, embroidery and relief carvings.

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