Ambiente: Style For The Wars – Audio Guide & Film on Ambiente Trends 2019

Ambiente Trends 2019 is one of the highlights at the world’s leading consumer goods trade fair. At the forthcoming trade fair from 8 to 12 February 2019, Messe Frankfurt will be using an audio guide for the first time, so that the highly sophisticated trend presentation at Galleria 1 can become an even greater experience for all the senses.

The Ambiente Trends for 2019: tasteful residence – quiet surroundings– joyfilled ambience. What are the characteristic features of each style? Which themes and emotions do they reflect? What are their stories? Which colours, materials and product mixes are important? “The trends that are identified for Ambiente Trends by Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisaro each year are far more than presentations of contemporary products.

The show helps visitors to understand the look and feel of international trends on all levels: intellectually, visually and emotionally. This all-embracing inspiration makes all the difference to retailers wanting to apply exactly the right new worlds of style within their stores. Our new services are a major investment for this special purpose,” says Nicolette Naumann, Vice President of Ambiente. The innovative services include a trends film and booklet as well as the audio guide.

Trends tour, film and booklet for everyone

The audio guide invites Ambiente visitors to immerse themselves in this powerful show at any time and at their own pace. As each person walks around the various worlds of style, the guide gives valuable background information. It also draws attention to specific details and arrangements.

It provides plenty of inspiration on different ways to put these ideas into practice. The audio guide is available for all visitors in both German and English via the Ambiente Navigator app. The exhibition centre has powerful free Wi-Fi to allow for fast download times and a pleasant listening experience.

The Ambiente Trends clip provides plenty of inspiration for the whole year. It features 50 compact seconds of compelling audio and video footage, demonstrating the themes, colours, materials and looks for the entire season of 2019. In addition, the freshly designed trends booklet shows the core messages of Ambiente Trends, complete with Pantone colours and descriptions of the latest materials. It is an attractive tool for Ambiente trade visitors from across the globe. These latest contemporary solutions further enhance the wide range of services that characterise Ambiente Trends. The trends booklet, images and film are automatically available to everyone who registers, whether online or on site.

Ambiente will be held from 8 to 12 February 2019.

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