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Jan 20, 2019

Ambiente: Sharing is Caring

The motto ‘you are what you eat’ has never been more apt: vegans, paleo dieters and clean eaters know food can be an intrinsic part of your identity. The new food culture is seen not only in the wide range of novel foods, restaurants and cookery schools, but also in social media. The way we communicate about food now seems just as important as the food itself.

A study by IKEA states that 6 out of every 10 social media posts relate to food. A classical Instagram post displays a bowl of quinoa adorned with grains and flowers. This represents the new way of sharing food with others – though only digitally.

The new luxury:

To further enhance your eating pleasure, try dining with friends and family in real life. It provides a chance to talk, learn, share thoughts and enjoy the experience together. Futurologists state that spending time with friends is the new luxury, the one thing which stressed individuals yearn for nowadays. It might comprise a spot of urban gardening round the corner, partying with neighbours or sitting down for a meal with friends – we all seek out others who share our values.

1 Bowl by Revol1768 2 Bowl by Costa Nova 3 Bowl by blomus 4 Bowl by Fuga Russia 5 Plate by Degrenne Paris 6 Plate by Nonna Peppy 7 Plate by Dottir 8 Bowl by Bizzirri

Sharing a meal creates an occasion at which our lives can converge, although they may otherwise be far apart. The key is its simplicity: anyone can prepare a meal, everyone wants to eat, and we all enjoy doing so.

Stay Together:

Fusion food doesn’t always have to be an Arab-Israeli fusion but can span cultures. Artists from the Frankfurt Städelschule established “Die Freitagsküche” in 2004 as a way of meeting up with friends and colleagues once a week. These Friday gatherings have developed into what you could call happenings, as there’s a lot more going on here than just eating. There’s always a different artist on cooking duty, making whatever food they like. There is no tradition, convention, rule, recipe or etiquette. The main focus is on enjoyment and the diners’ satisfaction. That’s what really counts: the experience of eating until you are full, in good company. Bon appétit!

1 Bowls by Bloomingville 2 Bowl by Miyazaki Co. 3 Bowls by Aerts NV 4 Bowls by Koziol 5 Punch pot by Bohemia Cristal 6 Bowl by ASA Selection

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