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Winter inspired décor to warm up your home

Not looking forward to getting an expensive heating bill for the next few months? There are some tried and tested décor ideas that will help make sure your home is warm and cozy without having to turn up the heat.

Incorporate winter inspired décor as temperatures outside drop to bring some warmth back into your home.

Here is simple yet effective winter inspired décor ideas that will get you all cozied up during the coming winter season.

  1. Window treatments

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Draping curtains adds a soft and comforting touch to any room. These can either be in the same neutral range of colours as the rest of the room to create a synergy between all the elements. Alternatively, for the more adventurous home owner, try a pop of colour like a warm cherry red or rich purple or orange. This is a quick and simple way to warm up your home as well as create an eye-catching focal point.   

2. Lighting

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It’s all in the lighting! An element that is often overlooked is correct lighting. Try replacing light bulbs that radiate harsh blue or white light with a bulb that transmits a softer yellow hue. This will create a warm and serene ambiance. Lamps are softer on the eye than bright ceiling lights. For maximum coziness add the glow of candles and arrange them in groups around the room for the perfect mood lighting when the nights draw in.

3. The warming qualities of clay brick

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For those who want to invest in more than just a light fixture and are serious about ensuring their homes remain warm throughout winter, brick is the way to go. If you’re in the process of building or looking at enhancing the current esthetics of your home, research has shown that clay brick can improve the thermal comfort of the interior of a home. Due to the insulative properties and thermal mass of brick (thermal mass is essentially the ability of a material to absorb heat energy) your home will remain warmer in winter and cooler in summer. It’s the perfect building material to choose for your next building project. Corobrik has a wide range of clay brick to meet your design and structural needs.

4. Floor Rugs

Changing your floor rug to a fluffy plush one just screams warm, cozy and inviting. No need for frosty feet when you spread your tiled or wooden floor with a luxuriously thick rug.

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5. Throw blankets and accent cushions

nordic inspired living room front Fresh 13 Nordic Decor Trends for a Crazy Cozy Home in Winter

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The winter season is all about layering. So layer things up in your living room or bedroom with throws and accent cushions that are both visually appealing and have a variety of textures. Ensure that your throws and accent cushions blend or complement each other with colour and patterns, whilst still adding a pleasing extra visual element.

So we’ve got you winter ready, let us know which of these ideas you have chosen to implement into your home or if you have any décor ideas that you would like to share with us please leave a comment in the box below. If you need help finding the perfect clay brick for your next building project, make sure to visit Corobrik.





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