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Wanda Michelle Interiors: Bring Nature & Style Home with the Colours of Spring 2018

Spring has sprung, everything is blossoming and blooming, creating the perfect excuse to explore a world of interior décor colours to celebrate spring 2018.

Inventiveness and imagination is the key to inviting spring into your home with a mixture of unusual colours, crossing the full spectrum from understated to eclectic.

2018 colours to inspire subtle and not-so-subtle interior décor this spring:

Mauve Lavender, lilac & plum:
Shades of lavender, lilac, purple and mauve burst into bloom this year, especially if claiming your individuality is at the top of your décor list.
You’ll see shades of these colours everywhere in the realm of interior décor, enough to inspire you to step up and claim your right to individuality, creativity and a wealth of independence.

Shades of green
Sage green with all its many shades is the colour for spring 2018. The variances and lightness in the sage colour spectrum allow you to be as creative as you want to.
Silver and sage go beautifully together to create an air of cool sophistication, and on the opposite end of the scale, imbue a warm and earthy feel when mixed with colours like gold, mustard and yellow ochre.

Go as bold or understated as you like, but with sage green, from its lightest to darkest shade, you’ll add depth to a beautiful home and be right on trend with a colour that won’t die out next season.

Plants are always a great way of inviting nature into your home, but this year it’s not just plants that do the inviting. Wallpapers, walls, throws, cushions, vases and other accessories will bring spring beautifully into your home.
Don’t be afraid to go for a darker shade of green to give depth to lighter shades used to give life to any space.

Moody colours this year
If you love the idea of introducing an elegantly dramatic mood into the spaces in your home, think gold, bronze, shades of dark blue and terracotta.
In fact, this is the year that’s dominated by an eclectic style embracing unusual textures and combinations of colours that may not have been considered before.

Wallpaper comes into its own in 2018
Wallpaper is also taking centre stage in 2018, pushing aside ideas that see it as old fashioned and Victorian. Wallpaper has already made its presence known on feature walls in beautifully luxurious walls, but 2018 will be the beginning of the wallpaper revolution.
Wall coverings certainly play a major role in creating different moods, and can transform a space into a visual feast of art.

With the designs available today, you can cover your walls in the colours and beauty expressed in nature without being gaudy or getting bored.

Shimmering metallics
Metallic gold, copper and bronze remain the perfect reflection of drama and warmth, but this year, silver moves into the spotlight as well.
Rich fabrics and textures are offset in sheer elegance when combined with accessories such as lamps, candlesticks, vases and candleholders.

Handcrafted sculptures and objet d’art in silver give you free reign to bring other metallics into focus with great abandon, to add drama, elegance or crisp cool style to any space.

Wanda-Michelle Interiors are always ahead of their time, and to prove this, here’s an example of what this team of creative interior designers has done with shades of lilac and purple in this stunning home…

Going green with Wanda-Michelle Interiors brings rich, luxurious and elegant life to this bedroom by using just a touch of green to lift a beautifully dark blue headboard.
Note the wallpaper that brings the silvery-grey of the wall and bed throw that acts as a perfect foil in this stylish, understated bedroom.


Dive headfirst into an eclectic mix of colours, wallpapers, fabrics, objet d’art and other finishes that make your home feel inviting and fresh.

Remember, trends come and go, so make sure that the colours of spring 2018 will be ones that will go the distance.


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