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The Pink Closet | The New Boutique By Cristina Celestino

In the magical atmosphere of the historic dwelling perched on the picturesque cliffs of Ravello, an exclusive boutique, The Pink Closet, designed by the architect Cristina Celestino is opening, for Palazzo Avino.

The boutique stands a few yards from the hotel entrance and access is through a store window looking on to the street. After you cross the threshold, the perception is that of being in a contemporary grotto, with shadows of the sea that fade out in the depths.

In a setting of dusty pink which characterizes the walls and the high ceilings with a soaring cross vault, on the floor inlaid polychromatic marble stands out, recreating the changing shades of the seabed: from the tones of aquamarine green to liberty green and to Aegean pink.

Mariella Avino, Managing Director of Palazzo Avino, has chosen Cristina Celestino to sign this important project. “I imagined an intimate and feminine place with a delicate atmosphere, a “room of wonders” to hold clothes and accessories resulting from attentive research and Cristina has created this dream with the poetry and elegance that distinguish her. I wanted my “closet” of dreams to become reality and now it has a real and defined shape thanks to this project,” Mariella Avino.

Cristina for the project chooses the pink, iconic colour of the Palazzo, and the green of the sea in its gradations, following an adhoc stylistic code to establish a dialogue with the building and the surrounding environment. A cosy and sophisticated scenario perfectly balanced between the land and sea, where nature has been transposed in regular geometries.

Palazzo Avino is a splendid hotel located in Ravello, in the scenic Amalfi Coast. The hotel, in the historic building of Palazzo Sasso, is an ancient aristocratic mansion from the 12th century, expertly converted to a hotel after a complete redevelopment work completed with the reopening in 1997. The position of the Palazzo, 350 metres above sea level, offers a unique view of the Gulf and the tops of the mountains cloaked in greenery.

Find out more about The Pink Closet HERE.

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