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Spotlight: Lion & Tyers

Lion & Tyers is a multidisciplinary interior design agency that designs and creates truly distinctive homes. Over the past 20 years, Head Designer, Nicky Tyers, has been designing, building and furnishing private residences, each with a unique story to tell.

With a signature focus on luxurious living, Nicky is renowned for combining textures, lines and form with emphasis on layered sophistication and comfort.

Nicky has a gift for reading her clients needs, be they slick yet functional hotels in a bustling city or a comfortable family home in the country. Nicky developed her eclectic eye during her travels through Asia, Europe and South America, bringing an exotic influence to her creations.

Her diverse range of design disciplines, beyond architecture and interior design, as well as an ability to integrate with her client on projects, ensures consistent quality throughout the process.

Lion & Tyers’ multidisciplinary practice has developed a range of services to suit your needs, wherever you are in your home improvement journey, be it construction or renovation.

These services include:

Architectural Consulting & Services
Project Management
Interior Design
Decorate & Furnishing


Let’s take a look at one of the magnificent interiors recreated by Lion & Tyers!

Seaside Haven:

This bungalow-style property is nestled in granite rock and overlooks Clifton’s spectacular beaches. The use of greys, platinum and neutrals, as well as bleached oak floors, give this oasis an air of understated glamour, while the hardwood decks, stainless steel accents, and luxury finishes translate the look & feel of a superyacht. This, combined with palms, exotic foliage, and sculptures, make for the perfect seaside haven.

Gorgeous inside and out, this home is a breath of fresh air with pristine views of an immaculate coastline!

The aim is to balance originality and imagination with professional skills, sound financial management and attentive client relations to bring tailor made spaces to life.

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