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Plascon House Tour: Carefree Island Life

Are you looking for a paradise escape on a private island? If so, this dreamy rental property is a must-visit; the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a slower pace of life in Nicaragua.

Enclosed in nature, this home is a breath of fresh air – the ideal retreat for any weary traveller looking to escape the bustle of everyday life. The interior is kitted out in natural materials and boasts modern fixtures with all the comforts of modern living.

High ceilings, stylish finishes and hints of brass, wood and black accents add to the overall appeal of this holiday rental property in Nicaragua. The kitchen is simple and serene – an idyllic spot for holiday entertaining!

The bedrooms evoke an authentic island style, complete with bamboo ceilings, wooden poster beds and central ceiling fans to add comfort during those hot summer days. Private doors lead to your own little slice of paradise where you can experience a little bit of outdoor island life in lush greenery.

We love the simple yet sophisticated layout of each of the bedrooms with a special link to nature and the elements. Natural linens and vibrant fabrics in geometric prints hint at the exotic culture and traditions of the surrounding locale. Things are kept neutral yet elegant; sophisticated yet ethnic.

The bathroom feels spacious and extravagant with oversized mirrors, beautifully patterned flooring and double sinks on a floating vanity. The emphasis here is on abundance and luxury living; a peaceful retreat which also maximises the island views from strategically placed windows above the counters.

And what would island life be without a lavish outdoor daybed on which to relax and unwind while on holiday! This beautiful addition to the property is definitely a showstopper, complete with a hanging double bed, drapes and soft linens for added comfort – set in a jungle-inspired garden!

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