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Top Designer Tools to Creating Your Dream Home

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration. That spark that gets the creative juices flowing to help us create something truly special. Or sometimes you just need a very practical helping hand. We’ve got some of best home design apps and tools to help you on your way.

Houzz With over 12 million photographs of home interiors and exteriors, the Houzz app is a great place to start dreaming. Whether you’re building, renovating or just want a decorating refresh you can peruse the creative talents of over 1 million architects, interior designers and builders (and even contact them if you like what you see) for some fresh ideas. The Houzz community can also help with any answers or guidance needed. If you want more handholding there are expert articles and a mood board tool, which you can annotate so you don’t forget any flashes of genius.

Magic Plan Take the fuss out of creating floor plans, whether you just want to see how a new sofa might fit or need to create more professional looking plans for larger renovations. Just take pictures of the corners of the rooms you need and within minutes you’re done. You can add images and annotations to your plans making it ideal for interior designers, estate agents or simply organised and enthusiastic homeowners. Most features are free but professional level attributes can be bought in app. Twelve million downloaders can’t be wrong. iHandy Level Essentially, a wonderfully portable spirit level on your phone, which is incredibly accurate and much easier to carry around than the standard kit. It can be calibrated before using the click of a button, making it ideal when you need to check if your picture hanging is straight or for something a bit more stressful, like making sure tiles are properly aligned. A great way to take doing something boring but essential.

Luxaflex® Inspiration Love playing interior designer? Like to imagine the possibilities and understand the qualities of window coverings to change the feel and look of your home? This inspiration tool should be an essential part of your design kit. Choose from a range of products to see how they fit in any room in the house, be it the kitchen, office or living room. You can also discover how the quality of various shades, transparencies and materials vary in the effect they create. Understand not just how some blinds look but also how it influences other items in the rest of your scheme. BrightNest Got your home just how you like it? Just want to keep it that way? BrightNest prompts with ideas, tips and tricks to maintain and improve your home with gentle timed nudges that remind you to do every maintenance job from cleaning the guttering to saving energy. You can also search advice on how to live more eco-consciously, or those oft forgotten skills such as how to maintain silverware or make flowers last longer. You can even set schedules to remind you to tackle seasonal maintenance jobs around the home to keep it in tip top shape. Contact: Luxaflex

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