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Spotlight: Dcore Design presents Thierry Vanhuysse

An artist that speak to the power of emotions is Thierry Vanhuysse. His photography is moody and filled with drama with a modern twist. 

Thierry Vanhuysse is a photographer living in Belgium. Many years ago he started photography and it immediately became his passion. Thierry loves to become “one” with the subject he photographs be it landscapes, seascapes or cityscapes. Thierry  places a great deal of emphasis on feeling the atmosphere he wants to express in a picture. He has a degree in osteopathic medicine and he loves to create images of the emotions he experiences while working with his patients. Thierry travels all over the world exploring different cultures, aspects of nature and cities. Among his favourites are Egypt and Thailand although plenty of his work explores the vastness of the USA, Norway and Austria. As a  connoisseur of beauty, Thierry captures the melodrama of nature. Which one is your favourite?

Thierry’s photography can be found at D-Core Design, where art and decor meet. To find out more about their incredible collections, visit them at www.dcoredesign.co.za

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