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R Kaplan Interiors: Duality, length and light

Romi Kaplan of R Kaplan Interiors is known for her contemporary classic style in the homes she works on. In her latest project, she works with duality, length, light and natural materials to create a space that balances the design element and the comfort that goes with that.


Romi Kaplan Interiors 2

There are lengthy draping light fittings next to the bed gives the room height and drama, complementing the background wallpaper and the headboard beside it. The mirrors make the room appear bigger than it is, giving the space an overwhelming sense of freedom to move around from the couch to the bed to even lying on the pristine carpeting that has been chosen to create the overall look. The linen couches in the lounge are filled with scatters of earthy tones that draw you into its comfort.

Keeping the pace and mood of the room with a stillness, the ornate glass and ceramic vases placed on the two tone coffee table, give the space a sense of immenseness. In another living area, the atmosphere changes as the shift is in the artistry of the space, using richer hues of grey, blue and white, as well as the popping colours from the chosen art pieces on the wall. Using geometric shapes in the coffee table and bar stools, as well as the dual mirrors that were used in the bedroom, the interior theme is well thought out using a variety of materials to make a vision come to life. Romi-Kaplan-Interiors-3 Like what you see? Contact R Kaplan Interiors for a quote where she will create the entire design process from start to finish.

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