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Bring The Colours of Nature Home with WMI

The colours  of nature are wonderful for adding a vibrant and stylish look to your interior. Nature is a constant source of inspiration and it’s easy to see why. Here we share some of the trending tones from nature that you can use to create a beautiful living space this season, with thanks to the professional team from Michelle Wanda Interiors (WMI).

Shades of Lavender

Spruce up a dull or uninspired room with natural tones such as mauve, lavender, lilac and plum. These bright colours are sure to infuse your home with energy and mark your space with your own individuality. Many of these inspiring hues are making their way into designer living spaces – and will certainly inspire creativity and a wealth of independence in any room.

Gorgeous in Green

When you look outside, an abundance of greenery will certainly be the first shade to inspire you. Why not bring shades of green home this season and invest in this calming hue to create a stylish interior space.

With so many subtleties and variations of green, the options are truly endless with this spectrum.

Sage green is a wonderfully fresh and invigorating colour.  The variances and lightness in the sage colour spectrum allow you to be as creative as you want to. Sage also works wonderfully with silver undertones in a room and will help to create a sense of cool sophistication.

Plants are also a great way of inviting nature into your home. Besides the real thing – in pots, baskets, hanging or on windowsills, you can also achieve the look with aallpapers, walls, throws, cushions, vases and more showcasing the beauty of the floral kingdom.

Don’t be afraid to go for a darker shade of green to give depth to lighter shades used to give life to any space.

Moody Hues

Add a little spark and drama to your interior with a beautifully moody colour such as gold, bronze, shades of dark blue and terracotta. Be brave and go bold for an inspired look. You can also accessorise your home with these interesting shades to add some interest to any little nook or corner – whether in the bedroom or bold in the living room.

Marvellous Metallics

Metallic gold, copper and bronze are perfect accent colours in any setting. These are ideal to reflect drama and warmth, but let’s also remember that silver is a fundamental tone in any room. Rich fabrics and textures are offset in sheer elegance when combined with accessories such as lamps, candlesticks, vases and candleholders in shimmering metallics.

Handcrafted sculptures and objet d’art in silver give you free reign to bring other metals into focus with great abandon, to add drama, elegance or crisp cool style to any space.

Wanda-Michelle Interiors are always ahead of their time, with the latest trends and inspiring interiors to help you achieve designer status.

Be sure to contact their team with your next project or renovation.

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