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Wanda Michelle Interiors: Luxe Living with Wallpaper

Whether you’d like to add a bold or understated wallpaper to your walls, the vast array of wallpapers available today offer something to suit all tastes.

Beautiful shades of neutral colours form the perfect background for embarking on the adventure of adding texture and elegance to walls in the form of wallpaper. Wallpaper, whether modern, classic or bold, will lighten up or enhance any interior décor you’re planning or already have in place.

Approaching this challenge is one best taken on with the help of a creative, professional
interior decorator. This’ll broaden the choices available to suit the spaces you want to dress up, as well as making sure the application is done professionally.

Wallpaper adds depth, style and warmth to any space, however, using it to great effect on
accent walls, bedroom walls or pillars in a large space will take some consideration.

Here are some inspiring ideas from Wanda Michelle Interiors you may want to keep in mind
when planning a renovation or new build:

Paisley Wallpaper

If a paisley wallpaper appeals to you, a rainbow of colour choices in matt or metallic await you. The incredible variety of paisley designs on the market today are heavenly to dive into. In this image (above) you can see the result of what Wanda Michelle Interiors has done with just one accent wall in metallic paisley wallpaper, giving the room an added warmth that blends in perfectly with the neutral tones of this bedroom.

The example below shows the effect created by striped metallic wallpaper, which simply melts into the rich neutral tones of gold, cream and wood dominating this bedroom.

Bold Stripes

Used in the right space, wallpaper in bold stripes can balance out many tones, carpeting and artwork, bringing the décor into perfect balance.

Metallic Wallpaper

Metallic wallpaper will find a home in any luxurious space, adding tasteful accents that either lighten up or contrast with simple lines and décor touches, such custom furniture, throws and cushions. The stunning silvery grey of this metallic wall behind the bed is just foil for the accents of silver and white décor in this spacious bedroom.

The team at Wanda-Michelle Interiors knew exactly how to get the balance right for a
streamlined look in this space.

Remember, the walls are yours. Do with them as you please, but keep in mind that changing wallpaper isn’t as easy as changing the look of any space with a coat or two of paint!

Make the right choice with Wanda Michelle Interiors! Be bold and brave, and dress your
walls the way you want them to look!


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