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Wanda-Michelle Interiors The Flow of Elegance: How To Create Design Harmony

As you enter this beautiful home, you’ll notice immediately how the space and elements from outside seem to flow elegantly through the interior. This is only part of the magic that happens here.

Various design features create an experience that is at once subtle and powerful – an ode to the architecture itself. We look at some of these features and how they contribute to the structure and feel of this special project.

Outside In

The sense of cohesion evident in the space is not only because of the muted tones that connect exterior to interior and room to room. Further synergy is created by the different levels throughout the home that signal an awareness of the layered spaces outside. The materials used inside also nod to the stone and wood exterior, with curved bulkheads and exquisite carpentry throughout. Carefully chosen furniture enhances the effects and you can feel the sense of depth and detail at every turn. Even the waters of the external horizon pool and rock-pond are reflected in the stunning use of glass and high-gloss materials that add a sense of smooth sophistication to the interior.

A Material World

This careful materials selection is continued in other aspects of the home’s design. The place is open and bold but is warmed with soft fabrics and timber that don’t intrude on the spaciousness that is such an important feature of its character. Rather, the plush furnishings and luxurious leather invite guests to relax as they appreciate the powerful presence of the polished stone that abounds.

The marble floors are further offset by beautiful rugs which serve to delineate spaces while providing texture and comfort. In keeping with the ‘flow of elegance’ and the repetition of important elements, the rugs and furniture are alternatively organic and geometric. Blocks and lines give way to waves and shapeless shapes. Stone to water.

The Art of Living Well

Finally, you’ll notice the art that winds its way with delight through the home. Gorgeous paintings carelessly splatter colour across surprised walls, while wire sculptures bend and dance to the setting sun. Thoughtful figurines stand ‘chatting’ over breakfast bars and black-framed etchings stare through the smoke circles drifting across the cigar lounge.

It is essential that the artworks also flow in elegance; sometimes subtly, at other times with more flair, but always in keeping with the overall design. Whether playful statue, carefully-chosen candlestick or beautiful vase, Wanda Michelle Interiors believe your home deserves the finest attention to detail. The kind of detail that can turn your home outside in.

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