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Face brick arches, it’s all in the curve

Face brick arches are traditional and one of the most aesthetically pleasing methods of masonry support over an opening in brick or stone walling. Arches are generally considered to be developed by the Romans. It has been discovered that the earliest known use of arches to span openings was from around 4000 BC in Babylon.

The Romans really exploited the potential of the device as a structural element. In the UK arches have been commonly used as a means of spanning window and doorways in every period of architecture since then.

Many contemporary buildings today are characterized by the imaginative use of curves, playing with elements of light and shadow that change throughout the day.

Face brick arches can be built in many different shapes and styles to give windows and doorways a graceful, finished look. The simplest form of an arch is the semicircular arch which we are most familiar with. This simple arch has given way to more elaborate forms of arches including the pointed arch which is usually associated with gothic architecture and the flat and segmental arches which emerged in the late 17th Century.

Here are our top aesthetically pleasing face brick arches:

  1. The adaptability of the traditional semicircular face brick arch


Image sourced from: www.home-designing.com

This simple and traditional semicircular face brick arch has been beautifully adapted to work within this modern and contemporary space. It also showcases the effectiveness of incorporating arches into a design. The exposed brick perfectly outlines the wide circular window giving this room a clean crisp feel. Not only does it allow for the free flow of air to enter the room but is also allows an abundance of natural light to creep in and naturally warm up the space. It’s simplistic yet traditional design can be easily adaptable to cater for both modern and traditional architecture and design.


2. An eye-catching gothic arch

Image sourced from: www.pinterest.com

The above image perfectly depicts how elaborate face brick arches can be designed. The pointed arch which is synonymous with gothic architecture has incorporated both face brick and stone in its design. The workmanship on this arch is nothing short of spectacular.

3. Mixing brick colour in a segmental arch design

Image sourced from: www.pinterest.com

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. The above image shows us how it can be done. Mixing brick colour as well as the size of bricks can add character and flair to a design. Known as a segmental arch this showcases that face brick arches can be fun if done correctly. Mixing the brick colour extenuates the arch and helps it stand out from the overall building design. You can replicate this design with the variety of coloured bricks available through Corobrik.

So if you are renovating or looking at upgrading your space, why not incorporate an arch or two? If you have a favourite face brick arch design that has caught your eye and you would like to share it with us, please leave a comment in the box below. If you need help finding the perfect clay brick for your next building project, make sure to visit Corobrik.


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