Understanding Your Colour Horoscope

Colour and design are very personal elements and certain shades may have a deeper meaning for different people. Here we share some colour inspiration to suit your Zodiac sign.

As we move into 2018, colours seem to be getting deeper and richer, taking 2017’s soft pastels and giving them a moody, sophisticated makeover. Combined with plush materials like velvet, these hues are tapping into our more serious sides. If you want to jump on the trend, but aren’t sure how to make it work, let the stars be your guide: Here are the best colours for each astrological sign.
Aries This fiery, passionate sign is often associated with red. For a 2018 spin, look for jewel-toned takes on the hue; think scarlet and ruby. Taurus This grounded sign is full of earth energy, giving it natural green vibes. To deepen the hue, turn to emerald on everything from lush velvet bedding to gorgeous sofas. Gemini Often associated with both yellow and green, the ever-adaptable, sociable Gemini should pick a blend of both and go for citrine-inspired hues (Gen Z Yellow, anyone?).

Add a single burst of the colour on a throw pillow, or put it on the walls, sofa, drapes and rug. More is more, people! Cancer This deep, intuitive and sentimental star sign is definitely ready to get down with some jewel tones. Look for amethyst-inspired hues, like pretty purple walls. Leo This radiant, sunny sign deserves to bask in golden interiors. No Leo’s abode is complete without an amber sofa. Virgo Lush blue-based greens are the perfect balance between Virgo’s earth-based energy and calm nature.

Libra This sign is full of fresh energy, making it a match for jade green interiors. Scorpio Extreme, moody and passionate—Scorpio’s intense feelings are sure to escalate in a ruby red room. Sagittarius Much like Cancer, rich gem-toned purple interiors align with the archer’s vibrancy, optimism and sense of freedom. The plush hue is also undeniably royal! Capricorn Inky sapphire interiors fit with Capricorn’s stable, trustworthy nature.

Taking risks isn’t your favourite thing, so ease yourself in with some deep blue accents. Aquarius This year, the water bearer should go deep-sea with rich takes on aquamarine. A deep and grounded blue will match this sign’s intellectual and altruistic nature. Pisces Gem-toned sea greens match the deep emotional waters this star sign often swims in. Perceptive and sensitive, Pisces deserves to live in a space that gets how they’re feeling.

Via Images from Plascon Trends


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