Trend Alert: Cement in Interiors

Cement has long been used in interior (and exterior) construction and building projects, but the trend is moving away from large-scale construction with concrete to the incorporation of this raw material into our everyday spaces. The result is earthy, simple, edgy and timeless. A welcome and modern feel in a contemporary residence.

photo: Concrete pendant lamp “Rota”, project: Argenta Arhion by Geert Van Rysseghem,

Far from creating a cold, hard atmosphere, concrete can actually help to bring a warmer feel to your home. Using concrete material gives the perfect excuse to add soft furnishings with more tactile textures. We also love the raw colouring of this material and thanks to modern interventions, we can now easily colour our choices of concrete to suit a range of shades and interior spaces. Juxtaposing with the cool surface of this industrial stone, soft furnishings will add warmth and offset the timeless quality of any concrete accessories.

Hotel Santorini by Grafeio_photo: Concrete wall lamp “Superfly W” Redesign of existing 19thc. Mansion-Phera, Santorini

Beautiful concrete light fittings are on trend. Bring cement into your interior through the use of concrete planters, furniture items and even custom shelving units that can be built into your living room, bathroom or even kitchen space for a more urban and industrial feel.

We may not all have the privilege of living in a converted warehouse space, but we can all benefit from the use of concrete in our interiors for a more modern and industrial atmosphere. Concrete is beautifully versatile and durable – a great flooring, ceiling or wall finish. We also love the use of concrete as a customised bar counter or in an entertainment space – bringing a simple, modern and earthy tone to any interior. Layering textures will help to bring the Concrete Interior Trend together in any space.

Think cushions and throws across a tired couch or on your bed, mix grey shades with metallic tones for a pop of energy. Cement really works well in a minimalist led interior scheme, but it can be accessorised with lots of decorative touches from metallic vases, to sequin embellished cushions. Take inspiration from concrete material and look to natural-led patterns, from marble to stonewashed fabrics across soft furnishings too.

photo: Triangular concrete 3D wall tile “Euclid”, by Urbi et Orbi studio


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