Olympia International: The Restoration of Garrison Church, Robben Island

Robben Island is a landmark and popular attraction for tourists and locals alike. In fact, each year on Valentine’s Day, a long line of happy couples eagerly venture to the island to be married at the famous Garrison Church.

Historical buildings such as Garrison Church are iconic features that should be cherished and looked after. This is why our friends from Olympia International were involved in the restoration of this heritage building in early 2004, confirming the need for the charm and functionality of their specialty coatings, such as limewash, which is highly suitable for historical/heritage buildings.

Olympia’s Plastercote Traditional Limewash is made in the age-old tradition of using unslaked lime with oils and salt, and adding a modern twist to ensure breathability, adhesion and weatherability. This was applied again recently to spruce up the church ahead of Valentine’s Day 2019.

No matter the stature or significance of any building, it is important to maintain it for years to come. To decorate and preserve your historic building, give Olympia International a call, or shop online.

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