Plascon House Tour: Pared-Back Beauty

It takes a lot of restraint to create a simple, crisp and uncluttered design as opposed to filling up space with unnecessary clutter. Today’s Norwegian home does the above really well but also showcases the owners’ love for sustainability and function in design.

Home to Norwegian designers, this abode boasts sweeping views across the valley and their own bamboo furniture designs peppered through each space. Together they have achieved the creation of a deeply personal haven, all with a minimalistic yet warm Nordic aesthetic. Things are pared-back to reveal the natural beauty of this stunning home.

The kitchen is fresh and sleek in classic tones of black and white. Gorgeous black cabinetry is very much on trend and offers a great contrast from the lighter tones used in this space. Wall mounted shelving, light wooden flooring and white interior walls add to the serenity and style of this space. Open plan, the kitchen looks out over the dining room and in keeping with the design scheme, is kept simple in the same tones as the rest of the home.

The living room boasts a comfy grey sofa with a mix of scatters in muted shades. A dark window blind is ideal here – something that can be rolled up to embrace the full extent of the sunlight but can also block out all light at night, or as required. A mix of wooden stools and tables offers versatility and simple elegance in this living room.

A well-appointed bedroom is sleek and sophisticated. The classic design of the rest of the home extends into this personal space. Thick cream drapes are functional and yet also add a softness to this room. Modern lighting with exposed wiring creates an interesting focal feature in this space. A gorgeous wooden headboard makes a statement of style in this room. Although quaint, the room feels warm and inviting – a modern retreat for relaxation!

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